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i love U :3 !!!

he is the best of my life -_-!

time time time !

really long time no write in the diary!
but this last time I'm in exam period
and I do not have much free time!

Now I have to go study and do more work!

kisses to all!

Congratulations Baby !

in japan it is February 9th!

and therefore, the birthday of my bixito (byou)


About me, there is much to say, I am very
sick ...



I have not updated much lately

sorry ...

but I have many things to do for school
work and things like that! ...

Morning finally comes "Knot" for sale!

I am very happy! ... I already have it in my hands T/////////T !!!!

I hope this week to update a little more!

hugs chocolate



What drives people to become sex slaves?

I think it is a somewhat difficult question to answer,
Sometimes I think one possibility is also the need or simply for pleasure ...

What you think about this topic?

can also be the need to procreate,
namely the need for children ...

Come to think better is a difficult question

rather like someone and fall in love and time to another person with whom you just want to have sex and nothing more.

Fuck !!


I can not stop thinking about that dream

and the promise we made ...

I am still sick, but I'm not interested! (laughs)


I'm really in a bad mood after reading
so you have to Kyo!
I can not believe that there are people so shit!
it only wants to harm others!
hate to do harm to the people I love!
if there were eyes to remove them with my
own hands! can not bear to do harm to

 least to Kyo... sounds a bit fangirl, but case of
DIR EN GREY, I don't care for
the way that sounds! ... because they are much
for me! ... FUCK!

first Die! ... then Toshiya and  Kyo now!

but can't bear this

Congratulation's ^0^!!!!

japan today is 23 / 01

Happy B-day Husband ^o^)º



-Hey, Mika ... What happens if I die?
- Going to heaven.
- I want ... to become the sky. Become a heaven ... and always caring for Mika from above.
- Sounds like harassing, right?
- Jejej
- So ... Every time I look at the sky, think about it at Hiro. Cloudy skies mean that Hiro is in a good mood. A day of rain means that HIRO is crying. One day, sunny days mean that Hiro is embarrassed. A night sky means that Hiro embraces me gently. Right?
- You just bought a cheap ring. To compensate, I will give you all the stars in the universe

I love Romeo ~~ u'r Julliet

paranoid D:!!!

My Husband 0(>w<)o ~~

Most of these days have been nice

expected to continue well!

have never been asked...

do you live within a dream?

o.o ?

Track :Glass Skin -Dir en Grey <3


has been a normal day ... although it has snowed

XDDDD ... I do not know what to write ...

I hope everyone is having a good

weeks! ...


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